August 2017 Artist residency, "Open Wabi", Fredrickstown, Ohio USA

July 2017 Cambridge Art Association, Member Show

April 2017 Assisi, Italy, Pilgrimage to view Giotto's work

 May 2017 Gallery 263  "The Dinner Project" Performative Feast, Cambridge, Mass  

 March 2017 Awarded Community Supported Art Program, CS ART, City of Cambridge, Mass 50 Paintings of still objects.

 December 9th 2106. Isabella Stewart Garden Museum, invited to re/enact the Lee Ming Wei "Living Room"  project. Boston, Ma. My chosen platform will be the language and written power of quotes as resources of empowerment.

 September 17th 2016. PENN, the photography exhibit at LUCAD, Cambridge, Ma. Project manager for the "live" Fashion Show. Video graphed by Camilla Jerome. 

February 2016 "Pace Investigations No. 1" Sandrine Schaefer. invited to design  graphic/material of a 2 hr. score to be performed by Schaefer. Mobius Cambridge, Ma.   

April 2016 Gallery 263  "Isola" installation. Members show.

June 2016  "Gertrude's Salon" Boston Center for Art / guest facilitator, of "Manifesto" a shared in depth public read.