Nanc Hart   80 Fawcett St, Apt 471 Cambridge MA 02138  USA  

contact:       617 549 2108

Gallery 263 , Pearl and Putnam St. Cambridge, MA  

Cambridge Art Association, Lowell St. Cambridge MA


MFA in Visual Arts & Critical Theory / Lesley U. of Art & Design, Cambridge, MA

BFA Tufts / School of the Museum Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Radcliffe, Photography Seminars, Cambridge, MA 

Mass College of Art, Boston, MA

CWE - Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Cambridge, MA

Boston Fashion Institute, Boston, MA

 Select Exhibitions   / Participations


"Artspeakr" " ART 21" interview video project Rebeka Bonner and Aimee Contoir

"Abstractions", Cambridge Art Ass. Cambridge MA


Art Residency, 2017 Open Wabi, Fredricktown, Ohio

"Dreamscapes" Cambridge Art Ass. Cambridge, MA

WIP - Work In Progress, Vandernoot Gallery, Cambridge MA

 Gallery 263 Members Show, Cambridge, MA

Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Lin Ming Wei project. Boston, MA


LUCAD, Irving Penn "BEYOND BEAUTY" fashion show & photo exhibit - project manager for "on site" fashion show. Cambridge, MA. 

 "Manifesto, We Are The Multitude" @ Gertrude's Salon performed, group deep reading, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston MA June 2, 2016.

Gallery 263 "ISOLA" salt, a durational installation.  Members Spring Show. Cambridge, MA

"Pace Investigations 2" on site score for Sandrine Schaefer @ Mobius, Cambridge, MA

"100 Days" with Marilyn Arnsem @ MFA, Boston, MA / participatory.


Mare Librium, The Free Seas, "The Other Island" Public Lab, CCVA Harvard University, Cambridge MA  built pontoons on terrace of Carpenter Center and sailed the Mystic River to draw attention to its low grade in toxicity. 

 Drawing Show,  HallSpace Gallery, Boston MA. "Giotto and Me". collaged drawing 

LUCAD Alumni Show, "The Ballad of...." installation, shells, plaster and figurines. Cambridge, MA. 

 MFA Graduate Show, LUCAD, Cambridge, MA installations: "PYRE", "Treading " and "Pile". 

Gallery 263 "VERT",  installation and drawings, Cambridge, MA

2014 and before

HallSpace Gallery, Boston MA. "1 st + 2nd Drawing Show"

 Gallery in the Barn, Newburyport, MA “Break Out”

Boston Public Library, Boston, MA. Aaron Lish / " What's Next [line by line]. 

Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY . “ROTE”

Bow Street Gallery,  Cambridge, MA. “Vir Go Girl”

Bow Street Gallery, Cambridge MA. “Shapes”

Cambridge Art Ass. Cambridge. MA. "The Art Salon"

RHYS Gallery, Boston, MA. “Proof of Purchase”

Artists for Humanity Epi Center, Boston, MA. 

Art Works ! New Bedford, MA. “For The Love of Art”

Perkins Gallery, Stoughton, MA “People of the Book"

Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA. auction

Parlor Gallery, Boston MA. "Vertebra". solo painting show

Photographic Resource Center, Boston, MA. “Handprints"

Cape Cod Comm. College, Barnstable, MA. “The Sum of its Parts“

Gibbs Gallery, Arlington, MA. “Reflections at Mid Life"

State House, Boston, MA. “On Site” 

Demois Architectural Gallery, Boston MA. "SPARE" paintings

Gibbs Gallery, Arlington, MA. “ 9/11” installation.

DJANG Gallery, Northumberland, U.K.  “CROW " series.

Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA. “Risking Art, Risking Faith"

MIT Park Hotel, Cambridge, MA. “Hinge for Hope”

Emerson Umbrella, Concord, MA. "Musketquid" annual.

"Rugg Road" Boston MA. Artist Book Show 

Museum of Instant Images, Netherlands.“ On Your Own Device”

On Site / Earth Work

Potash Hills Arts, Cummington, MA.  "Druid III"

Fields Sculpture Park, Art Omi, Ghent, NY. " Druid Woman II"

Nobel Horizons, Salisbury, Conn. "Druid Woman I"


Gibbs Gallery, Arlington, MA “ONE”

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA “SKY ART"


Cambridge Arts - www.   community supported art - Meet our Artists 2017  - page 6

“Saint Lucy” Mark Alice Durant, photography blog, Baltimore, Maryland. 

 Collagista Magazine, Australia, Issue 2 “Paper Women"pgs: 10-15

 Bloodaxe Publishing House, Northumberland, UK  book cover for Moniza Alvi

Spirited, magazine online. issue #2. Cloak and Dagger  


CS Art, City of Cambridge, MA 2017

 Sc. Of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA 1980

Professional Affiliations

Alumni LUCAD College of Art and Design, Cambridge MA

[formally Art Institute of Boston] 

 Alumni Assocations

School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, Tufts University, Medford, MA, Radcliffe Seminars, Cambridge, MA, Mass College of Art, Boston, MA